Addison Treehouse


Tech Addison brings together major technology companies, entrepreneurs and industry experts from and around Addison to discuss new developments in technology and what to expect for the technological landscape in 2025.
Sponsored by Addison Treehouse.

Addison Treehouse was founded by the Town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (aka The DEC), the Treehouse is a resource centered co-working space focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with education, programing/events, and mentorship, all of which are vital for the growth and sustainability of businesses.

  • Helped start 300+ Companies.
  • Created at least 1,000 jobs.
  • Helped companies raise a combined $50M+ in capital investments.
  • Over 25,000 contacts mailing list.

Project Objective

The team worked on strategically targeting companies for sponsorship and partnerships to increase planning efficiency. The team also helped plan for the event’s operations and logistics.

For sponsorship targets, the team focused on firms that would likely benefit from interactions with startups (firms who could have startups as their clients). The team then narrowed it down to local firms, prioritizing firms in Addison, and ones that had already sponsored other events before. Additionally, companies that had gone through Addison Treehouse’s programs would also be more likely to help sponsor an event.

For corporate partnership targets, the team looked at firms with a revenue of over $10 million, that utilize or would benefit from the utilization of the three main technologies segments that were considered the focus of the event: Big Data & AI, Managed Services and Cloud and Custom Software and Services. The team then looked at firms that had a history of acquisitions, and other large technology firms with heavy R&D investments in the DFW area.

Apart from building target lists, the team scraped data from different conferences’ websites to figure out what are the key elements that should be on Tech Addison’s website; and in collaboration with a partner designed and built the website. Furthermore, the team helped budget the event and plan all the logistics surrounding the event.