DEC: Dallas Startup Week


The Dallas Start-up Week is a 6-day event that impacts and mobilizes over 10,000 North Texas entrepreneurs, startups, founders, corporate and social innovators, academia, and community change-makers.

The week includes over 120 sessions across 15 tracks, the Women of Innovation Summit, the Corporate Startup Innovation Summit, Disrupt Dallas, a premiere Keynote, and the annual State of Entrepreneurship gathering.

Project Objective

Maximize engagement opportunity time (idle time on ground) of every attendee to increase probability of engagement. Furthermore, forecast and understand session preferences of minority attendees and investors to optimize scheduling of events to maximize the probability of both being in the same room.

The team will develop an efficient tracking system that can be used during the event to track panel data (to be used for the solution proposed above) and figure out what kind of data will be relevant to us to build appropriate metrics to measure the impact of our proposed solutions.

Furthermore, the team will strategically redesign the website and all points of communication to transmit a clear, concise and consistent mission statement and add additional features that will help maximize engagement opportunity time during the event.